Fog Cannon -Ita-80

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The ICOOl fog cannon is an exceptional dust suppression system designed to enhance air quality and combat airborne dust particles effectively. It stands out with an impressive throw distance of 80 meters, ensuring extensive coverage and efficient dust control. Equipped with 80 nozzles, it releases a fine mist of water droplets that effectively suppresses dust across a large area. This makes it an ideal solution for diverse applications, such as construction sites, mining operations, industrial facilities, and more. The ICOOl fog cannon promotes a cleaner and safer environment by significantly reducing dust emissions and improving air quality for workers and surrounding areas.


Throw distance 80 m /No wind, horizontal
Electrical connection 380V,60HZ,3P
Total power 46 kw
Color Grey / Customizable
Electrical appliances Brand:SCHNEIDER
Control mode Remote & Manual /On-site 100m remote
Protection System Limit + overload protection
Motor Protection Degree IP55
Control Cabinet Double stainless steel layers

Additional information

Weight 1300 kg
Dimensions 2300 × 1900 × 2000 cm
Size of fog particles 50-200μm
Number of nozzles 80 pcs / SUS304
Water consumption 7-8 m³/h
Ring of nozzles 2 rings
Water Pump 7.5 kw
Multistage Centrifugal Pump / SUS304, Chinese top brand
Water supply Y Style water filter / Brass
Water pipeline High pressure water pipe / DN40
Horizontal rotation angle ±160° (0-320°) Worm and gear
Pitch angle -10° to 45° /Hydraulic power station
Fan power 37 kw
Cannon barrel material Thickened carbon steel
Fan blade material Aluminum-magnesium aloy
Hydraulic system power 1.5 kw
Noise reduction Sinusoidal noise reduction technology
Weight (Kg) 1300 kg
Size (mm) 2300*1900*2000mm(L*W*H)
2400*2000*2160mm(L*W*H),1450kg, plywood case