Fog Cannon Ita-60

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The ICOOl fog cannon is a powerful dust suppression system designed to tackle airborne dust particles and enhance air quality effectively. With an impressive throw distance of 60 meters, it covers a large area, providing efficient dust control. Equipped with 60 nozzles, it releases a fine mist of water droplets that effectively suppresses dust, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment. The ICOOl fog cannon is well-suited for various applications, including construction sites, mining operations, industrial facilities, and more, where dust control is crucial. It helps minimize dust emissions and improve air quality for the well-being of workers and the surrounding environment.


Dust Suppression Fog Cannon 60 meter

Throw distance 60 m /No wind, horizontal
Electrical connection 380V,60HZ,3P
Total power 24 kw
Color Grey / Customizable
Electrical appliances Brand:SCHNEIDER
Control mode Remote & Manual /On-site 100m remote
Protection System Limit + overload protection
Motor Protection Degree IP55
Control Cabinet Double stainless steel layers

Additional information

Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 1950 × 1760 × 1680 cm
Size of fog particles 50-200μm
Number of nozzles 60 pcs / SUS304
Water consumption 4 m³/h
Ring of nozzles 2 rings
Water Pump 4 kw
Multistage Centrifugal Pump / SUS304, Chinese top brand
Water supply Y Style water filter / Brass
Water pipeline High pressure water pipe / DN40
Horizontal rotation angle ±160° (0-320°) Worm and gear
Pitch angle -10° to 45° /Hydraulic power station
Fan power 18.5 kw
Cannon barrel material Thickened carbon steel
Fan blade material Aluminum-magnesium aloy
Hydraulic system power 1.5 kw
Noise reduction Sinusoidal noise reduction technology
Weight (Kg) 600 kg
Size (mm) 1950*1760*1680mm(L*W*H)
2100*1860*1780mm(L*W*H),700kg, plywood case