The leader company in UAE & GCC for the outdoor cooling systems Check out our products and solutions included.

Our Services

Outdoor Cooling Solutions

Creative & efficient solutions for outdoor cooling for schools, hotels, restaurants, gardens, mosques, construction sites & parking’s, Evaporative & Misting systems.

Fog Systems

For Zoos & Greenhouses we provide high pressure misting systems (Fog systems) to keep the right temperature and humidity in the environment Made In Italy.

Industrial Cooling

Heavy duty and high quality evaporative air coolers (Desert Coolers ),all capacities up to 23500 m3/h for factories, warehouses, airports, military  & workshops available for sale and rent

Cooling for Horse & Cow barn's

High efficient cooling systems provide heat stress relief for horses, cows, livestock, birds, Falcons & all categories of poultry to reduce heat stress & increase the productivity Low energy consumption.

Ac Pre-cooling

Pre-cooling HVAC and refrigeration units by applying water fogging system to air-cooled chillers to improve the efficiency under most of the working conditions Better Performances & Energy Saving.

Odor Control & Special Effects

Professional odor treatment and odor control in large areas, for industrial and commercial applications,and amazing special effects for Event, Expo, Amusement park or Sports event incredible view

Dust Suppression

Extremely effective solutions to airborne dust suppression and air filtration, Low water consumption, mobile and stationary solutions for Outdoor & Indoor

Centifugal fans & Air Blowers

All types of industrial fans (ventilator box,Exhaust, Axial & centrifugal fans) and Air blowers Heavy Duty .

Rental services

Short-term daily rentals, long-term rentals & Rent To Purchase Program For all your outdoor occasions, i-Cool provides you customized solutions and wide range of products available for rent in UAE include :Air coolers, Mist Fans & Patio Heaters at affordable rates

Our Company

ICOOL Mist & Cool, the leading company in supplying outdoor cooling and heating system, Evaporative Air Coolers, Misting Systems, Installed air cooling systems, Rental outdoor cooling unites &patio heaters for sale and rent in UAE and GCC

The company was established early in 2012. We have serviced a  number of medium and large companies.

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