Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression Applications

dust suppressionDust Suppression
  1. Airborne particulates that are naturally exist in the environment or resulting from production processes.
  2. Millions of ultra thin water droplets are atomized in the environment.
  3. Droplets capture dusts particles, driving them to the ground.

Indoor dust suppression with Misting

Our misting systems provide with extremely effective solutions to airborne dust suppression and air filtration

High pressure misting systems are the most appropriate solution indoor small and large areas, to suppress dust generated by materials handling or manufacturing processes in general.

Our Misting systems create a high concentration of ultra thin water droplets with an average diameter of 10 microns (with the possibility to add surfactants in some cases), having the ability to capture and suppress PM10 and smaller particles. Water droplets instantly blanket suspended dust particles, increasing their weight and driving them to the ground.

Misting system helps removing effectively 0,1-1000 micron breathable dust particles: dust agglomerated in thick mist has few way of escape! Thanks to their modular structure, our systems allow a very easy installation, unlike some other dust control technologies that require upgrading the production sites and consequently resulting expensive in costs and poorly flexible on the whole.

Our misting system is customized and modular, as regards every particular situation, according to: the configuration of the emission point, the typology of the machinery to treat, the quantity and quality of dust produced. Easiness and small–sized nozzles and tubing allow an easy-to-handle mounting near machinery to treat.


  • Easy and fast installations
  • Automatic functioning
  • Cleanable nozzles
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low water consumption

Outdoor dust suppression with Misting

Mobile and stationary solutions for optimum dust suppression, minimal water consumption, safe and simple.

High and low pressure fog cannons are the most appropriate solution for large outdoor areas, to suppress dust generated by materials handling or manufacturing processes in general.

The compact and easy to move Dust Controllers meet the latest European requirements for protection against emissions. Our models offer a universal, powerful and environmentally-friendly solution. The patented nozzle head and the outer nozzles ring of our dust controller generate a finely atomized mist which binds the dust particles and prevents them from spreading.

The projection range with the central nozzle head is also much greater if compared to other nozzle configurations, so the nozzle head can also be used with the turbine switched off. The easy to use remote control system of our dust controller, its inclination angle, the programmable oscillation angle, make our cannons flexible and compact dust controllers.

Typical fields of application include industries, demolition, recycling plants, materials handling & reloading facilities, composting facilities, odor suppression, landfill and woodworking.


  • lower labour costs
  • better working conditions
  • lower wearing of machinery and tools
  • less o no puddles and trickles
  • lower environmental pollution
  • effective dust suppression on open spaces

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