FOG 60 High Pressure misting Pump


The easiest and most versatile solution to cool, create fog effects,
humidify, suppress dust and odours in small- and medium-sized
areas. Wide variety of accessories and types of lines configurable as
required for coupling and use in a large range of applications.

Model No. of nozzles Pressure Flow rate Power Weight
FOG 60-05 10 60bar 0,5l/min 125W (1x230V-50Hz) 15kg
FOG 60-1 21 60bar 1l/min 200W (1x230V-50Hz) 15kg
FOG 60-2 43 60bar 2l/min 720W (1x230V-50/60Hz) 29,5kg
FOG 60-4 85 60bar 4l/min 950W (1x230V-50/60Hz) 29,5kg
FOG 60-6 128 60bar 6l/min 1180W (1x230V-50/60Hz) 29,5kg