Why TecnoCooling

technologies for resorts and for open air living. Our installations are efficient, easy to hide, and very simple and quick to install, and require minimal maintenance.
Dimensions, types and location in the outdoor areas to cool and the choice of a peculiar stage effects are the main elements of our research for the most suitable solution to everyone’s need.

All our systems are compatible and allow the use of one pumping installation to feed the whole project using several fogging spots for multiple purposes. The same misting system which is refreshing the terrace of the hotel, for example it may feed water to pressurized a scenography in the gardens and /or the hall of the Body Cooler in the swimming pool or a cold shower with aromatic perfumes in the beauty center.
Our fogging lines are easy to hide, versatiles and extendible to create misting walls around the perimeter of the verandas, pathios and gazebos but they can be extended to the gardens to create a stage effect.
Fogging lines are so simple to install that can be a simple DO IT YOURSELF.

Made In Italy