IDEC Systems

IDEC Systems..how it works??

Two stage cooling or indirect evaporative cooling solution. During the first stage, outdoor air is passed through the evaporative cooling section, and as the warm air is cooled, so is the water.

This cool water is then transferred to a high efficiency heat exchanger (over which the primary outdoor air is passed) to deliver the first stage of cooling with no additional moisture; this is indirect evaporative cooling. The air is then further cooled as it passes the second cooling stage; direct evaporative cooling. This same concept can also be utilised to provide ultra-efficient heat recovery of air-conditioned buildings.

The combination of these two stages delivers the highest performing evaporative cooling system available in the world today.

Standard technical features include:

• Built-in economiser function

• High efficiency direct drive plug fan

• High efficiency secondary axial fan with low noise design

• Separate primary and secondary water circuits for optimum efficiency

• Peak power consumption 400 to 450 watts per ton

• 480, 380, 220v 50/60 Hz single or three phase power

From 2,500cfm (4,340m3/hr) Cooling Capacity 5 Ton (17.5Kw) to 10,000cfm (17,000m3/hr) Cooling Capacity 20 Ton (70Kw)