360 Mist Fans

360 Mist Fans are a mixture of elegant furniture piece, 360 all directions patented mist fans, high quality anti-drop nozzles and breathtaking LED light. The patented fan pushes the fine mist sideways in all directions with high speed, so the mist evaporates instantly and cools the air before going down on heads or drinks. 360 mist fans are not just effective cooling

It is Glamorous ..

Aurora Slim misting fan

is all in one patented high pressure misting fan. The mist is blown sideways in all direction creating a cooled bubble without dropping or wet in the area close to it.It includes patented 360° degrees all directions fan, high pressure pump, high quality anti-drip nozzles, controller, 10L tank and beautiful LED lighting all enclosed in high quality precise twine of Synthetic rattan that is resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents, waterproof and creates stylish piece to fit with your outdoor furniture

Aurora Slim misting fan is ideal for:
• small/medium gardens
• pool sides
• terraces
• patios
• gazebos
• LED lights at night
• The rattan fit perfectly with outdoor furniture
• Support base for drinks
• Decreases temperature considerably for several meters
• Keeps mosquitoes away
• Neutralizes odors and dust

White or natural painted wooden support base
Fan with ring of 6 anti-drip fog nozzles
Analog timer, to set pause/work cycles
Height: 240cm
Diameter: 50cm
Weight: 52kg
Power: 230v-50Hz, 230w
Tank: 10L, 3.5h
Lights LED: 10w

Atmosfera Misting fan

Options :

–  Remote control with ON / OFF function lights

and ON / OFF + misting fan
–  LED light kit (26W) 4000K, 1140 lumens –

– 2 stools Kit in painted white wood


Furnishes, brightens and refreshes

•Ice-cream parlours

•Lights the night
•Support base for your drink
•Keeps mosquitoes away
•Decreases considerably the temperature
•Neutralizes odours and dust

Electric motor-pump group F40
support in painted white wood floor
Fan with crown at 6 fog nozzles with anti-drip system
Analog timer for setting the pulse / pause cycles
tank (30l) 7h autonomy with times pause 10 “/ work 5”
wheel kit